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In 1988, Giuseppe Andreani, who is well-known in the field of Motocross, created his own brand in Pesaro, 40 kilometers south of the Misano Circuit in Italy, with a passion for vehicles. During the initial period, it mainly manufactured suspension-related parts for off-road motorcycles. Only about ten years after its establishment, it has become well-known in the local area.


In 1998, Giuseppe Andreani established WP Italy, obtained the exclusive agency rights of WP Suspension, and used this as an opportunity to expand the scale of brand operations.


In early 2004, it signed an agreement with Marzocchi and obtained Marzocchi's exclusive distribution rights in Italy. Andreani can be said to have laid the foundation for becoming a large group.


In 2005, Andreani and Öhlins started a cooperation. With Öhlins' technical support and self-produced kits, it almost completely covered the suspension modification market. At this time, Andreani was more actively involved in competitions including Motocross, Enduro, Motard and so on.

In 2006, signed an agreement with Marchesini to expand the sales territory of modified wheels.

After dominating the suspension modification industry, Andreani has actively stepped into different fields in order to provide more comprehensive technical services. Today, as long as it is a product business related to modification and racing, Andreani Group can provide it.

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